Maintaining a commitment to recovery and following the physician's recommendations for therapeutic exercises are two of the best ways to cope with knee replacement surgery, according to The initial pain ... More »

In the United States the average total incurred charges for a total knee replacement comes close to $57,000, according to Healthline. The average hospital charge is $49,500. In-patient charges from the surgeon and other ... More »

Pain following a total knee replacement is a normal part of the recovery process, according to Healthline. Post-operative pain medications, physical therapy and management of swelling all help to ease the discomfort expe... More »

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To reduce recovery time following knee replacement surgery, the patient must work with a physical therapist to perform exercises that strengthen the muscles surrounding the joint, according to The patien... More »

The standard pain management program after knee replacement surgery involves pain medications prescribed by the patient's physician, physical therapy and knee-strengthening exercises, reports Mayo Clinic. The program of ... More »

A rehabilitation program following knee replacement surgery involves knee exercises such as ankle pumps and circles, thigh squeezes, heel slides, leg slides, and lying kicks, according to Alina Health. These exercises he... More »

Pain, bleeding, infection, bone fractures and blood clots in the lungs and legs are possible complications of knee replacement surgery, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine. Over time, the replacement knee may also become... More »