There are four kings in a standard deck of playing cards. One king belongs to each of the four suits: hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades. More »

Skip-Bo, produced by Mattel, is played with a deck of 162 cards. The majority of the deck is comprised of 12 sets of cards numbered 1-12, which make up 144 of the 162 total. The remaining 18 cards are wild "Skip-Bo" card... More »

A deck of 52 cards contains 12 face cards. Face cards are those with a king, queen or jack on them. Since there are four suits and each suit contains one of each type of face card, there are four kings, four queens and f... More »

To play "Kings In the Corner," two to six players are each dealt seven cards, while four cards are placed face-up in layoff piles. Players place the rest of the cards face down in the center. The player who gets rid of a... More » Hobbies & Games Card Games

Chinese solitaire, which is played with a regular deck of 52 cards, is set up with seven columns of cards with seven cards in each column. In the first column, each card is face up, and in the subsequent columns each has... More »

There are 26 red cards in the standard 52 card deck. The red cards are the diamond and heart suits, and the black cards are the club and spade suits. More »

Cribbage is played with a specially designed cribbage board, cribbage pegs and a deck of standard playing cards. The game is played by two or three players, with the goal of scoring 121 points. More » Hobbies & Games Card Games