According to Encyclopedia Britannica, beach grass, otherwise known as marram grass, psamma or sand reed, is a sand-binding plant from the genus Ammophila that grows on the sandy coasts of Europe, North America and Africa... More »

The easiest way to determine which kind of grass is growing in a person's yard is to take some samples to the local Cooperative Extension Service or a nearby nursery. The types of grass that thrive in a yard depend on th... More »

Zoysia grass is proven to grow well in the Houston area. This type of grass is shade-tolerant in southern states, and several varieties are available depending on the area's particular conditions. More »

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Mistletoe grows high up in trees in North America and Europe. The mistletoe plant is considered to be a semi-parasitic to parasitic evergreen. More »

Iceland poppies are perennials that are native to the subpolar regions of Europe and North America. They self-seed and return every year. These flowers come in a variety of colors and are drought-resistant, and their ste... More »

Pampas grass is a fast-growing plant that can reach a height of 8 feet in a single season. Prune it before the beginning of the growing season, and divide it every two to three years to allow new growth. More »

Beach wheelchairs offer riders the freedom to move over terrain that is not accessible in traditional wheelchairs, including sand, snow and grass. Some beach wheelchairs also provide opportunities for the user to be in w... More »