Potassium salt from fatty acids is known to kill different types of moss, according to Garden Guides. Zinc is another moss killer, and it comes in different forms such as zinc-copper sulfate and zinc chloride. One partic... More » Science Chemistry Organic Chemistry

Bleach does kill moss. However, bleach kills other plants, such as grass and flowers, and can discolor pavement. Bleach diluted in water is less likely to kill surrounding plants or discolor pavement. More »

According to SFGate Home Guides, gardeners landscape a yard with Scottish moss by using it as ground cover, as a backdrop to early spring flowers, around the edges of water features and in shady spots. Small plugs of the... More » Home & Garden Gardening & Landscapes
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The lotus flower is one noteworthy Asian flower, and it is a sacred symbol in Buddhism, according to Garden Guides. They are flowers that are generally pink or white in appearance. Cherry blossoms also have significance ... More » Science Biology Botany

The monomers that make up a lipid are glycerol and fatty acids. The most common lipid structure is the triglyceride, which is comprised of a glycerol backbone bonded to three fatty acid tails. More » Science Chemistry Organic Chemistry

The building blocks of lipids are a combination of fatty acids and glycerol. Fatty acids consist of long hydrophobic hydrocarbons, and glycerol is a triose. More » Science Chemistry Organic Chemistry

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is made up of a combination of propane, butane, and trace amounts of other chemicals, including pentane. Butane comprises slightly less than 70 percent of the gas. Propane comprises nearly 2... More » Science Chemistry Organic Chemistry