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Jul 14, 2020 ... Keep the kids entertained with our fun general knowledge quiz (answers included)


Jan 15, 2020 ... Test your pop knowledge with our Kids Music Quiz Questions; free online kids Music quizzes which are fun and educational games for children ...


Jan 12, 2021 ... We love music, from old school Disney to beat popping EDM. Try this song trivia and see if you can identify these famous songs.


Are you a massive music fan? Check out the latest music from all over BBC and see how much you know about music by taking tricky quizzes.


Kids' Music Quiz ... In this game, your child will hear songs from all over the world and guess what each one is used for in the society where it was recorded. Your ...


Feb 17, 2021 ... Quiz your kids on history, sports, science, music, world records, and much much more with our knowledge stretching kid's trivia questions.


Feb 1, 2021 ... Question: As a child, what singer held the longest note ever on Star Search? Answer: Usher. Question: “William Bowery” is a pseudonym for ...


Apr 14, 2018 ... Sorry, You'll Only Pass This Quiz If You're A Musical Theater Kid · Which composer and lyricist penned the music for Into The Woods, Follies, and&n...


How to Read Music: Lesson for Kids - Quiz & Worksheet · 1. To read music, we use the staff, which is a set of lines representing: · 2. ''Twinkle, Twinkle...


Play free kids games, watch videos, and explore activities, quirky quizzes and fun facts. Watch Artzooka, Big Block Sing Song and more.


Music quizzes for for kids. Quiz questions and answers about music with questions on classical music, pop, and musical instruments. Free and printable.