Eating fast food can cause cardiovascular disease and kidney problems, according to the Corporate International Accountability. The increasing incidence of these diseases in society prompted the American Academy of Pedia... More »

Drinking aloe vera is not considered safe because the latex form of aloe, which is present in drinkable preparations, may lead to cancer, and it also can cause serious kidney disease and death in some cases. Uses for ora... More »

Both the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine have made statements naming colloidal silver as dangerous for use. However, it is still for sale from many online ... More »

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The easiest way to stop eating fast food and junk food is by eating more whole foods and less processed foods. Replacing fast food with healthy food eliminates the ingredients that cause the body to crave it. More »

Conditions of poor health linked to fast food include obesity, high blood pressure levels, sleep apnea, respiratory problems and bloating. Fast food affects the digestive and cardiovascular systems of the human body by c... More »

Information that typically appears on a fast food industry analysis includes details about the quality of the food at different chains, the sales revenue and expenses different companies face, and a breakdown of the vari... More »

The long-term effects of unhealthy eating include increased risk of osteoporosis, cardiovascular problems, obesity, Type 2 diabetes and breathing problems, according to WebMD. Other effects include more risks of gallston... More »