Specific factors impacting customer service vary by organization, but common areas of providing good customer service include response time, transparency, purchase support, assurance and trust. In general, good customer ... More »

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Key strengths include being an effective communicator and a solid problem solver, and possessing a strong work ethic. Being a good decision maker, having organizational ability and being flexible are other key strengths ... More »

Good customer service involves the knowledge of products offered, the ability to substitute items for customers and the willingness to keep customers happy. Good customer service means that a company or person representi... More »

Convergys is a customer and information management corporation that provides services such as phone-based customer service and technical support, telemarketing services, revenue management and business-to-business sales.... More »

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Depending on the type of service a customer needs, Vonage has different customer service numbers and other methods for contacting customer service. For instance, for billing information, customers can contact Vonage thro... More »

The phrase "the customer is always right" originated in 1909 with customer service pioneer Harry Gordon Selfridge, who believed that excellent customer service required efforts on the part of all service staff to satisfy... More »

Consumers are able to contact Nextbook customer support by phone, by email or by submitting a ticket through the Nextbook online messaging service. Registering a product facilitates customer support communication, and re... More »