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If you lock your keys inside your car, call a locksmith, reach out to a family member with an extra set of keys, or contact the local police or a car service provider for assistance. Alternatively, unlock the car yourself by prying the window or popping the lock.


Master Lock's 7148D steel file box and STEELMASTER's fire-retardant security box are both good security boxes that lock with a key, according to Amazon.com. SentrySafe's Safebox and FIRE-SAFE box are also highly rated security boxes.


Remove a broken key from a lock by spraying the lock with lock lubricant, aligning the keyhole in a vertical position, inserting a jigsaw blade beside the key and pulling it out. Once you see the end of the key, use needle-nose pliers to finish the removal.


If an individual locks his keys inside his vehicle, he can take a variety of actions including calling for roadside assistance, calling a tow truck, calling a locksmith, calling someone to pick up the extra set of keys or attempting to open the door himself. If the vehicle is equipped with a telemat


Ten-key is a data entry method using a numeric keypad containing the numerals zero through nine. It aims to reduce the physical stress of data entry using a traditional keyboard, and is more efficient.


To get a replacement key for a Master Lock, contact a locksmith or hardware store and give them the key number so they may order a replacement from Master Lock. The key number is stamped on the original key, Master Lock needs to know it to provide a replacement. If the key number is lost, take the l


Lock-and-key tattoos feature a lock and the key that opens it. Sometimes the key is attached to the lock with a ribbon or other material. Other times the lock is on one limb and the key is on the other.


If a wheel lock key is lost, the vehicle owner should contact the manufacturer or merchant for a replacement immediately, according to Brandsport. It is important to have the key on hand in the event of a flat tire, a broken lug nut or if the vehicle must be serviced.


Retrieve keys locked in your car by using an extra key mounted to the underside of the car in a magnetic box. If this is unavailable, call roadside assistance, a tow truck service, a dealership or a local locksmith for lock-out service.


The Master Lock key code, or key number, is available as an imprint on the side of the key. This number is necessary if needing new keys for a Master Lock padlock.