The fastest way to properly descale a Keurig brewer is to clean it with Keurig descaling solution. Water, a timer and a large coffee mug are also needed. The entire process will take about 45 minutes. More »

Cleaning and descaling a Keurig calls for some very simple supplies, as reported by Snapguide. These include a large paper clip, 48 ounces of white vinegar, a coffee mug, a toothbrush, a soft microfiber cloth, dish washi... More »

A Keurig coffee maker can be descaled using white vinegar, which removes a majority of the limescale that builds up inside the machine. Limescale typically builds up inside a coffee maker's heating elements and tubing af... More »

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A Keurig brewer may incompletely fill a cup if the exit needle is clogged with coffee grounds or cocoa, the machine needs to be descaled or the water reservoir is removed. Placing the reservoir back on the brewer and per... More »

The replacement manual for a Keurig single-cup brewer is available on the company website at The website offers user guides for various models including the K-10, K-45, K75 and the Special Edition. More »

Keurig services its Mr. Coffee, Cuisinart and Breville products within 30 days of purchase only if the brewer was purchased directly from If purchased elsewhere or if repairs are needed more than 30 days afte... More »

Depending on the underlying problem, there are several ways of fixing a Keurig brewer that is not pouring out water, including descaling the brewer, repositioning the water reservoir, and unplugging the brewer for a time... More »