In the United States, where ketchup is known as the king of condiments, nationally recognized brands such as Del Monte, Heinz, Hunt's and Red Gold rule the ketchup market. Store-brand ketchups such as Wal-Mart’s "Great V... More »

To make ketchup with fresh tomatoes, crush ripe tomatoes in a stock pot with onions, garlic and cayenne pepper, simmer for 30 minutes, let cool, then run the mixture through a food mill. Return to the pot and simmer unti... More »

Some recipes using Heinz ketchup include Asian-style mango sauce and caramelized onion and garlic ketchup. To make Asian-style mango sauce, peel and chop 1 cup of ripe mango. Add the mango to a blender with 1/2 cup of He... More »

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Some of the most popular brands of prepared mustard are Heinz, Plochman's, Gulden's, French's and Colman's. The term "prepared mustard" usually refers to yellow mustard. More »

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Tahini is located in various places in a grocery store: in a refrigerated case near the hummus, in the ethnic food aisle or near the salad dressings and other condiments. Not all grocery stores carry tahini because it is... More »

This recipe from is modeled after Steak 'n Shake's Frisco Melt and contains thousand island dressing, ketchup, beef, sourdough bread, two types of cheese and condiments. Butter is used to sauté onions to pu... More »