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The Kenton County Jail Tracker provides information about inmates in the Kenton County Detention Center. The tracker provides the first, middle and last names of every person in the facility, as well as each individual's booking date.


To find information about Kenton County, Kentucky court dockets, go to Courts.Ky.gov, hover over Courts, and click on Circuit Court Clerks, as of 2015. Select Kenton from the drop-down list of counties, click on Court Dockets, select Kenton and choose to view circuit of district court dockets.


An animal shelter is a place where cats, dogs and other animals are temporarily homed and offered for adoption. Animal shelters are typically supported by charitable donations.


You can start the adoption process at most county animal shelters by visiting the shelter during its business hours and finding a pet that you like. Once you have chosen your new pet, you are usually required to fill out some paperwork, get approval from the shelter, and pay the adoption fee.


The phone number for Kent County Animal Shelter in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is (616) 632-7300. As of January 2015, the shelter can be contacted Monday through Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. It is closed on holidays and weekends.


The Shelter Pet Project's website allows visitors to find local animal shelters by simply entering a ZIP code. Also, city or county health and police department phone book listings often contain local animal shelters' contact information.


The Humane Society of the United States lists several websites for finding local animal shelters, including Shelter Pet Project, Adopt-a-Pet, and Petfinder. Each site offers search options using zip code, city name and distance to narrow down locations.


The primary reason that there are so many cats in animal shelters is that people do not spay or neuter their cats and let them breed, which creates an exponential rise in population numbers and leads to too many cats for the amount of available homes. Intact cats are often allowed outside and each f


Animal shelters are funded by donations, adoption fees, bequests and merchandise sales. Animal shelters also host special events, such as annual walks and dinners, to raise funds.


Some good examples of websites that offer information about no-kill shelters are NoKillNetwork.org and FluffyNet.com. These resources provide extensive directories of currently known no-kill shelters and links to their websites, if they have one.