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Drivers can find out the value of their used cars by typing in the car's year, make, model and mileage into the Kelley Blue Book website. From there, they can select the automobile's style, engine size and other details to arrive at a value.


People interested in researching the values of used cars can find the Kelley Blue Book's estimates of their worth using the trusted resource's website. Cars can be searched for by year, make and model. The guide was started in the 1920s and has become a definitive listing of used cars and their mark


Kelley Blue Book (KBB) does not have a guide that applies to boats


To price used vehicles for private party sale, one must head to KBB.com and select the year, make and model of the vehicle. Next enter your zip code and select the specific features and options available on the vehicle, and then select the button for pricing type.


The Kelley Blue Book provides the value of used motorcycles. The Kelley Blue Book takes factors such as make, model, year and mileage into account when providing a value on a motorcycle.


Kelley Blue Book provides both trade-in values and suggested retail values for used ATVs on its website. The company also provides information for other types of recreational vehicles.


Several factors contribute to the value of a used car, including its physical condition, its make and model and the location in which it is sold. Other factors include the mileage on the car and whether or not the manufacturer continues to make cars in that line.


The all-terrain vehicle's make, model, year, mileage and optional equipment are key factors that influence the value of used ATV's in the Kelly Blue Book. Current market demand and vehicle condition, as well as the method in which the user is selling the vehicle, also play important roles.


To determine the trade-in price of a used car, dealerships consider factors such as the condition and age of the vehicle, the potential resale value and the cost of repairs and refurbishment. Dealers also consider whether the trade-in is going for cash or toward the purchase of a different vehicle.


The process for trading a used car for another involves appraising the trade-in value of the current car, getting and appraising a dealership quote, and negotiating or closing the deal. Prospective traders take their cars to several dealers to gauge fair value before negotiating.