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How to Keep Groundhogs Away. If you need groundhog help, click my Nationwide List of Groundhog Removal Experts for a pro near you. ... The fence should be well grounded so that the hogs won’t dig underneath it and enter your garden. It will also keep out other wildlife within similar size.


Or, you can use I Must Garden Groundhog Repellent. If the thought of saving your own, ahem, repellent is, well, repugnant, consider using I Must Garden’s groundhog repellent. It is a non-toxic and pleasant repellent that will keep groundhogs and woodchucks out of your garden.


How to Keep Groundhogs Out of Home Gardens By Angie Mansfield ; Updated September 21, 2017 They eat many plants, and are particularly fond of garden vegetables such as peas, carrot tops and beans.


Protect Your Garden from Woodchucks comments (3 ... Photo: John Bray. Add Comment Print. Woodchucks, a.k.a. groundhogs, are common suburban mammals. Their reputation as a harbinger of spring provides an amusing distraction for winter-weary gardeners. ... An advantage to electric fencing is that it can be configured to keep out a variety of ...


Protect Your Vegetable Garden From Groundhogs Groundhogs, aka woodchucks, are squirrel relatives. They weigh a chunky 4 – 14 pounds and have long coarse and grayish-brown coats. ... How do you keep pests out of your garden? Let us know on Instagram and Facebook with #OrganicBuildsLife. No Comments. Post A Comment Cancel Reply.


Keep the garden neat. Groundhogs like to camouflage the entrances and exits to their burrows, so remove potential hiding places by pulling weeds, keeping grass trimmed, picking up sticks, and clearing brush piles.


Overall groundhogs want to be left alone so if your garden is a scary place, he will try to find an easier meal. But remember, the groundhog is persistent! 3. Use repellents. You can buy commercial repellents or create your own mix to keep groundhogs out of your garden. A homemade mix that works well is 1 tbs. hot sauce mixed into 1-gallon water.


A motion-activated sprinkler is a great way to help keep groundhogs away from a garden bed or out of certain areas of a yard. Any time a groundhog comes within range of the sprinkler, it's treated with a spurt of water.


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How to Repel Groundhogs. Drive groundhogs out of your yard by creating an unwelcome environment with a system of powerful repellents. The step-by-step instructions below will help you stop the digging, gnawing and clawing, and keep groundhogs away for good.