The official state tree of Kansas is the Eastern Cottonwood. This deciduous tree is part of the poplar species and is native to the eastern half of North America. At heights of up to 130 feet, this tree is one of the lar... More » Geography United States The South

Common trees in Kansas are identified by their leaves. Trees are also identifiable by the presence or absence of thorns, odor and taste, type of buds, characteristics of the bark and position of the stems on the branches... More »

Kansas became the 34th state of the United States in January 1861. It had originally become a territory alongside Nebraska after the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854. More » Geography United States The Midwest

Prominent U.S. senators who have represented the state of Kansas include Arthur Capper, Nancy Landon Kassebaum, Bob Dole and Sam Brownback. As of 2015, the two senators representing the state are Republicans Pat Roberts ... More » Government & Politics US Government Branches of Government

At its widest, the state of Kansas spans 411 miles from east to west, and thus takes almost six hours to cross via automobile at 70 mph. To cross Kansas from north to south at an average of 70 mph takes approximately thr... More » Geography

Kansas, a U.S. state nestled in the Midwest, takes its name from the Kansa Native American tribe that lived in the area. The name's origin is a Sioux word that means "people of the south wind." The state's nicknames are ... More » Geography United States The Midwest

Bleeding Kansas was the violent time period that occurred when the Kansas territory was being settled and included the fight about whether or not the state should be a slave state or a free state. Bleeding Kansas is also... More » History Modern History US History