The KanCare medical assistance application for elderly and disabled persons includes questions about marital status, medical status, federal taxes, income and personal assets. The Kansas KanCare Medicaid assistance appli... More » Government & Politics Social Services

Low-income Missourians can visit the Missouri Dental Association website for a list of dentists that may accept Medicaid payments. As of 2014, only children are eligible for Medicaid dental visits in Missouri, according ... More » Health Dental

The toll free phone number for Medicaid headquarters is 877-267-2323 as of January 2015. The office is located in Baltimore and local residents can use 410-786-3000 instead. TTY users can call toll free at 866-226-1819 a... More » Business & Finance Insurance Health Insurance
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To apply for Section 8 housing, a person needs to provide information on gross annual income, family size, assets and citizenship status. Section 8 housing vouchers are administered in counties and other municipalities b... More » Government & Politics Social Services

Medicaid eligibility charts can vary by state, but typically the information includes regular income guidelines, Supplemental Security Income guidelines, residency requirements, immigration status and U.S. citizenship do... More » Government & Politics Social Services

Common items on an application for welfare benefits include information about the applicant's household, employment, financial assets, and expenses such as rent and medical bills. The application also asks about U.S. cit... More » Government & Politics Social Services

Frequently asked questions about Social Security disability include how to apply for benefits, how to check the status of a pending application and how to appeal a benefits decision. Frequently asked questions and their ... More » Government & Politics Social Services