Similar to other celebrities' phone numbers, Justin Bieber's number is unavailable because it is an unlisted number. Celebrities often ask their telephone providers to not publish their number to a public directory. More » Art & Literature

Phone numbers for the members of the band One Direction are not available to the general public. As of April 2015, fanmail can be sent to the group's Artist Managment Company, Modest Management, at fanmail@modestmanageme... More » Art & Literature

There are many websites that provide celebrity contact information, including phone numbers; some work and others are not the real person's phone number. Celebrity Phone Number provides Harry Style's real phone number av... More » Art & Literature

Some of Justin Bieber's popular videos as of 2015 are "Baby," "Boyfriend" and "Never say Never." Justin Bieber owes an enormous part of his success to videos. More » Art & Literature

“Justin Bieber Trivia Quiz," “Justin Bieber Dress Up," and “Justin Bieber Doll” are just a few of the most recognized Justin Bieber games, says “Justin Bieber Music Quiz” is another Justin Bieber ga... More » Art & Literature

Justin Bieber did not have any songs that charted based on radio play in 2014, notes His song "What Do You Mean?" charted at number 3 as of October 31, 2015. More » Art & Literature

Fans can contact Justin Bieber through social media, his fan club, or through his manager and record label. Social media is likely the easiest way to contact him. Justin Bieber has a number of different social media acco... More » Art & Literature