Jurisdiction refers to whether a court has the legal authority to hear a case, and venue refers to where a court case will be heard. In a civil case (a dispute between two parties), venue is determined by where the parti... More »

Finding a court date involves finding the jurisdiction of a case, finding the case number and looking it up online. Failing to appear in court on the scheduled date may lead one to lose the case, pay a fine or even get a... More »

The Legal Information Institute at Cornell University defines original jurisdiction as the power of a court to hear the case that has been bought before it. When a court has original jurisdiction, it has the authority to... More »

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A motion for summary judgement is a motion filed with the court asking the court to dispose of all or some of the issues surrounding a court case, Free Advice explains. If an issue or a case is decided by summary judgmen... More »

The letter of disposition for courts is an official court document that describes the official outcome of a court case, according to Information including the sentence and outcome of the case are included i... More »

Generally, a plaintiff in a court case files an affidavit of service by filling out a written form provided by the court that details how court papers were delivered to the other party, having the person who carried out ... More »

To apply for a court order, a person must initiate a court case in the court where she wants the order. Once a case exists, the litigant must bring a motion before the court and ask the court to order a specific action, ... More »