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Jupiter's rotation and revolution? I have to write a lab report on Jupiter and the only thing I need to include is Jupiter's rotation and revolution.And of course I searched about it but the information they provided me did not help at all. PLEASE HELP!!!!!


The mean synodic period of revolution is 399 days. In 12 years Jupiter traverses the entire sky along the ecliptic and can be seen at opposition as a pale yellowish star of stellar magnitude – 2.6; at favorable opposition it is surpassed only by Venus and Mars in brightness.


The atmosphere of Jupiter essentially makes up the entire planet. The gas giant has no firm surface to touch down on. Instead, it is composed almost entirely of hydrogen and helium, with a few ...


How does the orbital period compare between the two planets? Use P 2 = a 3 to estimate. A. Planet B has an orbital period 8 times longer than Planet A B. Planet B has an orbital period 4 times shorter than Planet A C. Planet B has an orbital period 64 times shorter than Planet A. D. Planet B has an orbital period 64 times longer than Planet A.


Comets, Jupiter’s Family of a group of short-period comets whose aphelia are situated near the orbit of Jupiter. Jupiter is a planet of great mass, and its gravitational attraction greatly affects cometary motion when the comets periodically approach the planet. Thus, it has been calculated that Lexell’s Comet and Comet Brooks II formerly traveled ...


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Ganymede [GAN-ee-meed] is the largest moon of Jupiter and is the largest in our solar system with a diameter of 5,262 km (3,280 miles). If Ganymede orbited the Sun instead of Jupiter it could be classified as a planet.


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Jupiter's moon Io [EYE-oh or EE-oh] is one of the most exotic places in the solar system.It is the most volcanic body known, with lava flows, lava lakes, and giant calderas covering its sulfurous landscape. It has billowing volcanic geysers spewing sulfurous plumes to over 500 kilometers high.