Jungles are heavily forested areas with dense and exotic vegetation, where dangerous and feral animals often roam. Although sometimes interchangeable with "rainforest," jungles contain less shade, which enables a signifi... More »

Jungle Quest is an indoor adventure center designed to resemble a jungle. The venue is used for birthday parties, school field trips and day care outings. More »

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The proboscis monkey is characterized by a pot belly and an unusually large, bulbous nose that scientists believe helps amplify its sounds during reproduction and danger. While the nose of the male hangs down over its mo... More »

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The landscape of Brazil is very diverse, dominated by dense jungles and waterways of the Amazon rain forest in the north, and the flat, swampy areas of the central-west. Also among South America's largest country are pin... More »

Some of the natural vegetation in Peru includes monocotyledons, dicotyledons, cushion plants such as Oxychloe andina, trees such as Buddleja coriacea and grasslands such as Blechnum loxense. Approximately 40 percent of t... More »

The main vegetation in Brazil is trees, which accounts for approximately 70 percent of the country's rain forests. Brazil is also home to pine forests, palm forests and tropical semi-deciduous forests. More »

The Amazon river flows across the northern area of South America and drains one of the largest rain catchment areas on Earth. What is commonly called "the Amazon" is a river network that consists of multiple rivers and s... More »