Julius Caesar was killed by members of the Senate. Though it is believed that up to 60 people may have been involved in the assassination, the exact number is unknown. It is equally impossible to know who struck the fata... More »

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Gaius Cassius Longinus and Marcus Junius Brutus are credited with leading the battle that killed Julius Caesar. The account written by Nicolaus of Damascus several years after indicates that Caesar was stabbed 35 times b... More »

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In "Julius Caesar," Pindarus is Cassius' slave and messenger who erroneously reports that Cassius' scout has been killed by Antony's army. Cassius decides to kill himself with Pindarus' help, setting his slave free and o... More »

Julius Caesar was known for his highly intelligent strategies, controversial methods and staunchly brusque actions as a military leader and politician of the Roman Empire. He rose to become the dictator of Rome, and was ... More »

Julius Caesar's great-nephew was Augustus, the first emperor of the Roman Empire. He was born Gaius Octavius in 63 BC, the son of Caesar's niece Atai. Caesar had no sons of his own so he named Octavius as his heir. More »

Julius Caesar was considered a hero because he reformed the Roman Republic, which directly led to the Roman Empire. He was so beloved by the people that two years after his assassination he was deified, and the Roman Sen... More »

In William Shakespeare's play, "Julius Caesar," Decius convinces Caesar that he should go to the Senate by telling him that he will receive a crown. This appeals to Caesar's vanity and he agrees to go. The discussion bet... More »