Julius Caesar was a Roman statesman, writer and general who lived between 100 and 44 B.C. Caesar's victory during the Gallic Wars increased his power to the extent that he was able to take control of the Roman Republic a... More »

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Julius Caesar was a successful general and statesman, conquering the territory of Gaul, defeating Pompey in a civil war, and declaring himself dictator for life. His military campaigns significantly expanded the Roman Em... More »

Julius Caesar's enemies changed throughout his life. The most notable enemies at the time of his death in 44 B.C. were Marcus Junius Brutus (the addressee in Shakespeare's famous "Et tu, Brute?") and Gaius Cassius Longin... More »

Julius Caesar ruled as a dictator from 49 B.C. to 44 B.C., when he was assassinated. Caesar was actually elected as ruler twice. The first time in 49 B.C. lasted only a few days until he assured he was re-elected as cons... More »

Examples of Julius Caesar's arrogance include how he disregarded the Roman Senate's authority and crossed the Rubicon with his armies, and how he made himself dictator of Rome for life. His military arrogance can be seen... More »

Julius Caesar entered into a career as a Roman politician; he conquered vast areas of land, expanding the Roman Empire and eventually became a dictator of Rome. Julius Caesar was born in the city of Rome on July 12, 100 ... More »

Julius Caesar was 53 years old when he became dictator of Rome in 47 B.C. While he was initially made dictator for a 10-year term of office, he was appointed dictator for life in 44 B.C. More »