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Judy Crowell December 5 at 7:02 PM · This is my fave of all the ones we took tonight of the amazing # sunsetoftheday I love how the flag shows up in the foreground of the awesomeness that is the beautiful background 🇱🇷 # judycrowellstyle # pauldeasygems 👌🏻 🥂 🥰


What Are Some Theories About Why Judy Crowell Left QVC? Judy Crowell allegedly left QCV because of her marriage with her colleague of six years at QVC, Paul Deasy in 2003. Together, they accepted hosting positions at HSN, the Home Shopping Network, and relocated to broadcast from their studios in St. Petersburg, Florida.


I wish Judy would come back to QVC, but she and the show host on her show yesterday made it very clear when a caller (probably a set-up caller) said she was so glad to find Judy on Evine (well she's been there a long time now), and Judy said she was glad she was here too, and the show host gushed how glad they were Judy was on Evine.


The Many Facets of Judy Crowell. Over the last 20 years, Judy Crowell has worked as a host at both QVC and HSN, launched her own fashion collection on ShopNBC, and also married former host and current gem vendor, Paul Deasy. She is most certainly home shopping royalty. ... Judy was and is still my favorite porson on television,


@Moonchilde Yes, Actually I think Paul and Judy maybe were already on HSN and then Judy had her jewlelry for a brief time already on JTV, now they are at Evine.A lot of the hosts and vendors just keep circling around. Its all good I suppose, they got to make a living.


They kept it quiet because Judy didn't want another replay of a relationship playing out on QVC with the possibility that it might not last. QVC wanted the exact opposite; they wanted to broadcast and benefit from the couple's relationship - especially after they quietly married. Paul and Judy decided to leave QVC and move to Florida.


Jeff Hewson, the baby-faced star of QVC, has quit the TV shopping network --because he says his jealous ex-wife made his life a living hell. In a bombshell that rocked the network, Hewson and QVC host Judy Crowell split up three months after they wed in April 1992 -- but they both kept their jobs hosting separate QVC segments.The 38 year old heartthrob claims that immediately after the split ...


It's possible she still has contractual obligations to fulfill with Evine. ... Too bad she no longer has interest in hosting full time because Judy Crowell was one of the most proficient showhosts ever at QVC (imo). ... (or floundering, not sure which). I bet even Chuck and Michael are sweating. Judy was a great host for QVC, but she seemed ...


Word going around the beauty parlor is that Judy Crowell, former host at HSN and QVC before that, will be back at QVC as a host as soon as her non-compete with HSN runs out. Supposedly she's already working at the Q behind the scenes. Here is a tiny bit of vague confirmation from Paul and Judy's webiste: Sorry the site has not been active as of ...


Some Old School Jeff Hewson. While Jeff is still missing in action, I did manage to find these old videos of Jeffrey from 1992--back when the Q was young and the hair was big. ... Everyone at QVC knew Jeffery was gay. Not sure why Judy wanted to marry a gay man but she did. She walk in on him and one of his boyfriends that is why she dumped him.