Some examples of Filipino entrepreneurs include Henry Sy, Tony Tan Caktiong, Cecilio M. Pedro, Alfredo M. Yao, and Soccoro C. Ramos. Henry Sy was the founder of ShoeMart, the Philippines' largest retailing company as of ... More » Business & Finance Corporations

Filipino superstitions include the belief that sleeping with wet hair causes insanity and that the continued presence of a black butterfly is an indication of a recent death in the family. When a child becomes sick, supe... More » World View Fortune Superstition

Filipino values include fostering a sense of harmony amongst social groups in order to bring about peace. A strong sense of family ties and obligation is also a core Filipino value. More » World View Social Sciences Cultures & Traditions
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According to the National Statistics Office of the Republic of the Philippines, Filipino health care workers and nurses are increasingly being attracted by incentives including higher salaries and better education opport... More » Business & Finance Careers

The most famous Filipino psychologist is quite possible Virgilio Enriquez, who is known throughout the Philippines as the Father of Filipino Psychology. He founded the National Organization of Filipino Psychology in 1975... More » World View Social Sciences Psychology

Chicken adobo, pork lechon, kare-kare, lumpia and pansit are some popular Filipino dishes. Recipes for these and other traditional Filipino foods are available on More » Food Food Facts Regional Cuisine

The average height of a Filipino male is around 5 feet 3 inches tall, while the average height of a Filipino female is around 4 feet 11 inches tall, based on a survey conducted by the Association of Southeast Asian Natio... More » World View Social Sciences Population & Demography