Whereas joint tenancy gives each individual listed on a title undivided shares of a home, tenants in common may own more, less or equal percentage of the property, according to SFGate. If no form of ownership is chosen w... More » Business & Finance Real Estate

Primary differences between tenants in common and joint tenants involve the percentage of ownership of a property and what happens to that percentage when an owner dies, according to The Law Dictionary. In the case of jo... More » Government & Politics Law

When owners take title to a piece of property as joint tenants, it creates a right of survivorship, meaning when one tenant passes away, the surviving joint tenants automatically gain ownership of the deceased's portion,... More » Business & Finance Real Estate
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Adding someone to a property title requires the filing of a quitclaim deed, explains SFGate. This is a deed that allows you to override the deed currently in effect for the property. If there is an open mortgage on the p... More » Business & Finance Real Estate

A deed is a written document that transfers title of property from one or more grantors to one or more grantees, and a warranty deed is one type. Joint tenancy is a particular way for more than one person to hold title i... More » Business & Finance Real Estate

To sell a home under a land contract, describe the property; price the property; make the payment plan; draft and sign the contract; and file a copy of it with the county land recorder, according to David Carnes for SFGa... More » Business & Finance Real Estate

Every home purchase agreement should contain the purchase price, amount of down payment, effective dates of the offer, closing and move-in dates, a legal description of the property and other items in the sale, a guarant... More » Business & Finance Real Estate