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Stock quotes for Johnson & Johnson are available on websites including the company's site Investor.JNJ.com, NYSE.com, Money.CNN.com, Bloomberg.com and NASDAQ.com, according to each company's website. The stock trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol JNJ. On April 17, 2015, the stock c


Investors can keep up with stock prices online or by the more traditional method of reading the stock market pages in a newspaper. The Wall Street Journal and its other online sites, including Marketwatch, Barrons, and SmartMoney, are some of the best investor websites online, according to Money Cra


Find a list of stocks by price by visiting the MarketWatch website, navigating to the Stock Screener, inputting pricing information and submitting the criteria for sorting, notes MarketWatch.com. The site allows users to sort stocks using a number of other search parameters aside from price, includi


Up-to-date stock market prices are available at CNN Money and the Wall Street Journal's Market Data page. In addition, Nasdaq provides current stock information on its own website.


Initially, stock prices are set by the company with the help of an investment bank and approval of the exchange, according to Jean Folger for Investopedia. After the initial public offering, the market determines the price of the stock.


Marketwatch.com, Google Finance and Nasdaq.com all offer visitors the ability to check stock prices online. All three offer real-time stock quotes and the ability to search for information on specific stocks.


The primary influence on share prices in a stock market is the relative levels of supply and demand, according to Investopedia. If more people want to buy a stock, the pressure pushes the price higher. If selling pressure outweighs buying interest, share prices typically decline.


Websites such as CNN Money and Bloomberg Business offer current and past stock market prices. Both of the sites also cover world markets such as the Japanese Nikkei 225 and the Hong Kong Hang Seng.


The stock prices of companies listed with the New York Stock Exchange are available to the public on GoogleFinance.com, CNBC.com, Nasdaq.com and WSJ.com. Stock prices are interdependent upon multiple economic factors, therefore, frequent fluctuation is common.


The Nasdaq and MarketWatch websites offer historical stock prices. Users can enter the appropriate stock symbol to view the historical prices for a particular period.