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John Deere (February 7, 1804 – May 17, 1886) was an American blacksmith and manufacturer who founded Deere & Company, one of the largest and leading agricultural and construction equipment manufacturers in the world.Born in Rutland, Vermont, Deere moved to Illinois and invented the first commercially successful steel plow in 1837.


Synopsis. John Deere was born in February 1804. A blacksmith by trade, Deere determined that the wood and cast-iron plow in use at the time was ill suited to the challenges presented by prairie ...


John Deere was active in public life throughout his career in Moline. Among other roles, he was a founder and president of the National Bank of Moline, was an active member of the First Congregational Church, and served as the city's mayor for two years. John Deere died on May 17, 1886, at his home in Moline.


John Deere was an American blacksmith who founded the “Deere & Company” which is now one of the largest equipment manufacturers in the world. Deere was born February 7, 1804, in Vermont, the third son of William and Sarah Deere. William left for England in 1808 but was never seen or heard from again.


Today, John Deere has 104 locations, of which 43 are in the U.S.A. Although is commonly regarded as such, John Deere is not the first person to invent the steel plough, but the first person to make it commercially successful. Since the company produced its first plow in 1837, about 600 different tractor models have been redesigned, produced and ...


John Deere Was a Real Person, His Invention Changed the Country His plow turned the Midwestern mud into the nation’s breadbasket


John Deere worked as a blacksmith’s apprentice and eventually began his own blacksmith trade. For 12 years, John Deere traveled to various cities in Vermont to offer his blacksmith services but when business slowed in 1837, the 33 year-old Deere headed west to Illinois. Once he had established his blacksmith services in IL, Deere began ...


John Deere. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Deere & Company; John Deere World Headquarters in Moline, Illinois. Type. Public: Traded as: NYSE: DE S&P 500 Component: Industry ...


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13 Freshly Cut Facts About John Deere. BY Emily Becker. ... point out that there’s no real evidence for the saw story—Deere was probably not the first person to invent such a device (John Lane ...