Specifications for the John Deere 9600 series combine include a turbocharged six-cylinder diesel engine able to produce 304.4 hp and a fuel capacity of just under 250 gallons. This model combine utilizes a standard hydra... More » Business & Finance Industries Agriculture

John Deere tractors are made in America at a number of plants throughout the country, primarily in Illinois and Iowa. Many of these factories offer guided tours that provide an inside look at how the tractors are made. More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Tools

The John Deere 6620 combine was introduced in 2001. Its 6-cylinder diesel engine featured 125 hp, or 93 kW, of power and a governed rpm of 2300. Its power take-off rpm was clocked at 540/1000. The 6620 also boasted a lif... More » Vehicles
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The specifications for the John Deere 850 tractor include its fuel capacity of 8.5 gallons and its rear power take-off rotations per minute rating of 540. The John Deere 850 tractor also features a 64-inch wheelbase and ... More » Business & Finance Industries Agriculture

Some of the specifications for the John Deere 450J are an engine output of 70 horsepower, a fuel tank capacity of 47 gallons, a top speed of 8 mph for both directions, and an operating weight of 17,525 pounds. The John D... More » Vehicles

The exact effectiveness of John Deere combines varies based on the type and model of combine that a buyer selects. However, the brand's combines receive excellent reviews from buyers who post their feedback at More » Business & Finance Industries Agriculture

Basic features on John Deere combines include 600R series platforms, available in widths of 4.3 to 10.7 meters; an interactive combine adjustment feature that automatically coordinates system settings based on harvest pr... More » Business & Finance Industries Agriculture