The John Deere 730 tractor was designed as a raw-crop, wheatland-style and high crop tractor. These tasks are performed by the three variants of the 730 model: 730 general-purpose, 730 standard and the 730 high-crop trac... More »

The specifications for the John Deere 850 tractor include its fuel capacity of 8.5 gallons and its rear power take-off rotations per minute rating of 540. The John Deere 850 tractor also features a 64-inch wheelbase and ... More »

In August 2015, John Deere announced its newest tractor model, the high-horsepower 9RX tractor. It is the first four-track tractor that the company has manufactured. More »

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Replacement parts for John Deere tractors are available online directly from John Deere's official website and from The entire John Deere parts catalog is available online. More »

The John Deere 1020 tractor is a New Generation tractor manufactured by the John Deere Company. The tractor can use both diesel and regular gasoline, and its engine has 3 cylinders. More »

Customers can purchase repair parts for John Deere garden tractors at Home Depot locations, the John Deere factory website or privately owned online dealers like GreenPartStore. All of these sites have the option to ship... More »

John Deere was founded in 1837, by John Deere, who was an inventor and blacksmith fashioned a Patent Cary plow from a piece of discarded metal, notes The plow was revolutionary at the time, since it allowed fa... More »