The messages of Joel Osteen combine Christianity and a modern ministry of hope and prosperity, described as uplifting by some and heretical by others. Rather than focusing on sin, Osteen preaches that wealth and other fo... More » World View Religion Christianity

On December 31, 2014, the National Enquirer published a story alleging that megachurch pastor and bestselling author Joel Osteen was embroiled in a financial scandal. The Enquirer quoted a New York attorney as saying tha... More »

Some of Joel Osteen's books include his inaugural book, "Your Best Life Now: 7 Steps to Living at Your Full Potential," which was published in October 2004, and "Scriptures and Meditations for Your Best Life Now," publis... More » Art & Literature Literature Non-fiction

Sermons delivered by Joel Osteen are best known for their messages of hope and encouragement to people who are having difficult moments in life. His sermons are known to promote the gospel of prosperity and excellence dr... More » World View Religion Christianity

Joel Osteen's Sunday messages can be viewed and listened to directly from the Joel Osteen Ministries website. The recorded messages can be watched for free, but viewers are given the option to make a donation to the mini... More » World View Religion Christianity

“The Power of ‘I Am’” is Joel Osteen’s most well-known recorded sermon, as of 2015. Osteen’s work gained popularity after being promoted by influential television personality and media mogul Oprah Winfrey. "Don't Lose Yo... More » World View Religion Christianity

While Joel Osteen does not have an official personal website as of 2015, his name is used for the official website of Joel Osteen Ministries. A portion of the website is dedicated to Osteen and provides a brief biography... More » World View Religion Christianity