Potential jobs for felons in Georgia include food service, retail, locally owned small business and self-employment. A felony conviction can severely limit employment options, but many chain establishments are known for ... More »

All 50 states have non-profit or local government-sponsored organization that help convicted felons find work. A list of some of these organizations, organized by state, is available through the National HIRE Network, as... More »

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While people convicted of felonies encounter many barriers to employment, they are often able to find work in construction, factories, custodial services and housekeeping departments. They also tend to be more successful... More »

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A person obtains a Georgia Teaching Certification by obtaining at least a Bachelor’s degree, completing a state-approved teacher certification program and completing special requirements. These include coursework in spec... More »

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Jobs for felons in Maryland include food service, retail and delivery services. Seeking jobs with local businesses, finding employment through friends and starting a business are also viable options for felons in Marylan... More »

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Some low-risk and highly profitable ideas for self-employment include operating a small chain of espresso carts, working as a consultant to college-bound students and their families, and being a government contractor. Ho... More »

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Some trucking companies hire felons seven to 10 years after the convictions. Truck driving schools that accept felons include Lincoln Land Community College, Dootson School of Trucking and TruckSchoolsUSA.com. Individual... More »

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