Due to the legal hour restrictions for workers under the age of 16, many companies opt not to employ them. However, a 15-year-old can find opportunities in retail, food services or any job in the manual-labor milieu that... More » Business & Finance Careers Job Search

A 15-year-old can provide tutor services for classmates or students in younger grades for commonly misunderstood subjects, such as math and science. A teenager can also provide babysitting services for neighbors by watch... More » Business & Finance Careers Career Aspirations

Fifteen-year-olds (along with 14-year-olds) are permitted to work in retail, car washing, gasoline and oil dispensing, deliveries and errands, limited kitchen work, produce packaging and loading or unloading some types... More » Government & Politics Law Legal Ages
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Elwood Staffing is an employment agency that places workers in both short- and long-term temporary jobs with its client companies. The company provides staffing for the skilled trades, professional jobs and a more genera... More » Business & Finance Careers Job Search

Common jobs at charter schools include administrative positions, career advisers, security guards and custodial workers. Charter schools also regularly employ educators across numerous disciplines, including sciences, hi... More » Business & Finance Careers Job Search

Factory work is generally stable and steady, with around 1,755,200 jobs in the U.S. economy for factory workers as of 2012, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics. The BLS anticipates a 4 percent growth in ... More » Business & Finance Careers Job Search

Great part-time jobs for African American high school seniors include pizza delivery, packing and moving services, animal shelter workers, babysitting and retail sales. Students who are able to invest more time in a skil... More » Business & Finance Careers Job Search