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Apr 27, 1994 ... who sued rival Jimmy Swaggart for $90 million after the. two swapped sexual misconduct allegations in the 1980s,. accepted $1.85 million in ...


Oct 17, 1991 ... Byars, Terry Grant, "The Theatre of Religion: Jimmy Swaggart Within American Myth ... divorce) is a signal lesson to the Crusade-goer that.


May 24, 2017 ... Debra Murphree claims that Swaggert paid her $20 on many occasions for various sexual encounters. Swaggert's infamous "I have sinned" ...


Jun 30, 2012 ... Is Donnie Swaggart Divorced - Ask Jeeves - Ask.com - What's Your. ... What Has Gone Wrong At Jimmy Swaggart Ministries? - Part 2. Never did ...


Jul 24, 2010 ... But in a broadcast shortly after Suzanne filed for divorce, Hinn said it had ... Jimmy Swaggart: Swaggart confesses to “moral failure” in 1988 and ...


Aug 20, 2015 ... Pentecostal televangelist Jimmy Swaggart, who is a cousin of rock-and-roll ... surgery, Gingrich insisted on discussing the terms of their divorce.


She has divorced her husband but kept the name because she had 3 ... Jimmy Swaggart and Jerry Lee Lewis are both his first cousins.


Donnie Swaggart is the only son of Evangelist Jimmy and Frances Swaggart. ... was April 2003 and Swaggart just had the big church split after Donnie's divorce.


Dec 4, 2017 ... ... is less interesting than Knaps', which includes the improbable combination of the movie “Dirty Dancing” and evangelist Jimmy Swaggart.


Aug 14, 2018 ... Disclaimer: I do not endorse Jimmy Swaggart Ministries (JSM). ... Swaggart does preach the genuine Gospel of salvation by God's grace through ... Why not div...


May 23, 2021 ... He is the son of the popular Pentecostal evangelist, Jimmy Swaggart. ... Swaggart's first marriage was to Debbie which ended in divorce in ...