The hallmark 375 means the jewelry piece is made of 9 karat gold. A hallmark on gold jewelry, such as the hallmark 375, is a symbol used to certify the purity of the gold. The mark also points to the manufacturer, the as... More »

Gold jewelry is popularly hallmarked with a three-digit number or a number followed by the letter "K." These numbers mark the fineness of the gold or its karat, respectively. More »

To read jewelry markings, also known as hallmarks, use a jeweler's scope to magnify the information, cross-reference the writing with a hallmark database, and note any writing that may indicate metal's purity or year of ... More »

The stamp "18K HGE" on a piece of jewelry means that it is 18 karat gold with heavy gold electroplate. The "HGE" portion of the stamp means that it is heavy gold electroplate. Brass is another commonly used substance in ... More »

True gold jewelry does not have a 925 stamp on it, since a 925 stamp indicates that a piece of jewelry is made of genuine sterling silver. Gold is stamped with a K to indicate how many karats, or parts of gold, it contai... More »

A "375" stamp on a piece of gold jewelry indicates that the metal is 37.5 percent gold. This is equivalent to 9 karats in the traditional method of marking gold purity. More »

A piece of jewelry marked with 925 means that it is 92.5 percent sterling silver and 7.5 percent of another metal. This mark is most often seen on sterling silver pieces, but it may be imprinted on gold jewelry. More » Beauty & Fashion Jewelry & Watches