Players move cards from the layout to the foundation in an attempt to clear the board in “Jewel Quest Solitaire.” They can only move cards from the layout if they are of lower or higher values than the current card on th... More »

Some websites that offer free online solitaire include World of Solitaire, and the AARP's card game page. Each of these sites features classic solitaire and a selection of other variations on the game, all free... More »

You can play Jewel Quest online for free at Jewel Quest is a puzzle game in which players attempt to make a line of three or more icons. Players advance by making enough matches to turn the entire board gol... More »

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To play “Klondike,” visit the official World of Solitaire website, hover the mouse over the Solitaire menu, select Choose Game, and then click on “Klondike” to open the game. Use the mouse to interact with the game. More »

Klondike Solitaire can be played for free at without downloading. Two difficulty levels of the game are available, along with instructions of how to play. More »

"Fairway Solitaire" by Big Fish Games is played according to rules similar to those of the standard Solitaire variant Klondike, except that the piles of cards that are cleared from the playfield are not similarly standar... More »

Jewel Quest is available to play on MSN Games. Players can play this game online or download a free trial version from this site. During gameplay, players move relics around on the board to create lines of three or more ... More »