There are a number of online stores such as Jesus Art USA and Christ-Centered Art that sell artists' renderings of Jesus. Similarly, many local Christian bookstores and art galleries have artistic depictions of Jesus for... More » Art & Literature Fine Art

As of 2015, the website Fine Art America has a wide variety of paintings and prints of Jesus Christ in different religious settings. and the LDS Bookstore also sell various Christ-themed and religious prin... More » Art & Literature Fine Art Painting

To learn to paint pictures of Jesus Christ, the beginning artist can follow painting tutorials provided by sources such as the Will Kemp Art School, the Artist's Network and the Virtual Instructor. By learning the basics... More » Art & Literature Fine Art Painting
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Target and Home Depot are some stores selling outdoor metal wall art, as of 2015. Wind and Weather, Front Gate and Hayneedle offer garden exterior wall sculptures online. Because of the seasonal nature of outdoor living ... More » Art & Literature Fine Art

According to many sources in the New Testament, Jesus had four brothers and an unknown number of sisters. The four brothers were named James, Joseph, Judas and Simon, while the sisters were not named. More » World View Religion Christianity

Jesus sculptures can be purchased from a variety websites, including Amazon, The Catholic Company and Church Supply Warehouse. The Jesus sculptures found on these sites range in size, design and material options. More » Art & Literature Fine Art

The song "Personal Jesus" was written by Depeche Mode lead vocalist Martin Gore in 1989. The song appeared on the 1990 album "Violator," and it was a mainstay on the Billboard Hot 100. More » Art & Literature Literature