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Jesse Belle Denver is perhaps best known as the daughter of singer John Denver and actress Cassandra Delaney. John Denver tragically died when Jesse was a child, although the singer's work left a mark on the nation. His song, Rocky Mountain High, is one of Colorado's official state songs. After John


Remembered as a track legend, Jesse Owens became the first American track-and-field athlete to win four gold medals in one Olympiad at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. He is especially remembered for completing this feat as an African-American competing in Nazi-controlled Germany amid racial discrimination


Movies in the Jesse Stone series include “Night Passage,” “Stone Cold” and “Death in Paradise.” Based on the detective novels by Robert B. Parker, the Jesse Stone movies star Tom Selleck as the eponymous protagonist, an alcoholic police chief in a small Massachusetts town.


As of 2015, there have been eight Jesse Stone films: "Stone Cold," "Night Passage," "Death in Paradise," "Sea Change," "Thin Ice," "No Remorse," "Innocents Lost" and "Benefit of the Doubt." A new Jesse Stone film, "Lost in Paradise," is set to air on Hallmark in fall 2015.


Jesse Jackson, Jr., Is 5 feet 9 inches tall. Jackson is a former Democratic Party congressman for Illinois' Second Congressional District of the House of Representatives. He is the son of activist Jesse Jackson.


Jesse Watters is a producer and interviewer working for Fox News. He is known for his On-the-Street interviews on" The O'Reilly Factor" in his popular segment Watters' World.


Nearly 20 different meanings are associated with Jesse tree symbols, including the Sun, Tablets of the Law, the Key of David and Bethlehem. In addition, Jesse Tree symbols include the Root of Jesse, Star of David, Jacob's Ladder, Jonah, the Temple, Crown and Sceptre, Noah's Ark, Ark of the Covenant,


Jesse James builds custom one-off motorcycles for his clients, which are discussed at West Coast Choppers, in Austin Texas. Although his website does not have complete motorcycles listed for sale, there are some parts that can be ordered from the West Coast Choppers website. The parts include James'


Art Bell is an American broadcaster who hosted paranormal-themed and consipiracy theory-themed radio shows such as "Coast to Coast AM" and "Dreamland." He retired from broadcasting briefly in 2007, but returned with two new radio shows: "Art Bell's Dark Matter" in 2013 and "Midnight in the Desert" i


Robert Parker wrote nine Jesse Stone novels: "Night Passage," "Trouble in Paradise" and "Death in Paradise," "Stone Cold," "Sea Change," "High Profile," "Stranger in Paradise," Night and Day" and "Split Image" before he died in 2010. After his death, his widow, children and publisher picked other au