Actress Jenny McCarthy is not reported to be HIV positive. Many Internet rumors have circulated about her having HIV/AIDS. McCarthy is often vocal about medical issues and is considered to be an anti-vaccine activist. More »

Someone who is diagnosed as HIV positive has had two separate tests for HIV antibodies in the body come back with positive results, according to Someone who is HIV positive does not have AIDS but may develop it... More »

Some notable celebrities with HIV include Magic Johnson and Charlie Sheen. These celebrities went public with their diagnoses, helping to raise awareness about HIV-related issues. More »

Some stars living with HIV include former NBA player Magic Johnson and former Olympic diver Greg Louganis. These celebrities both went public with their HIV diagnoses, helping to raise awareness about the disease. More »

McCarthy is near the southeastern corner of Alaska, not far from both the Canadian border and the Gulf of Alaska. It is just south of the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve. More » Geography

According to a Mount Holyoke College webpage, some of those McCarthy accused did actually have communist sympathies. Most, however, were public figures who were Democrats or otherwise leaned to the left of the political ... More » Art & Literature Fine Art

Actress Melissa McCarthy wears many designers including Badgley Mischka, Marchesa, David Meister and Max Mara. She is sometimes disappointed with her selection when shopping, so she also designs apparel herself, explains... More » Beauty & Fashion Fashion Designers