The first step to replacing a transmission on a Jeep Cherokee is to chock the wheels and raise the front of the car to provide easy access to the drive shaft. Using a socket wrench, remove the drive shaft, and place it a... More »

For the 2014 model year, the base curb weight of a Jeep Cherokee is 4,044 pounds. This weight is the same for each of the four 2014 Cherokee models: the Cherokee Sport, Cherokee Latitude, Cherokee Trailhawk and Cherokee ... More »

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is produced by Chrysler, which owns the Jeep brand. As of 2013, Jeep Grand Cherokees are built in a manufacturing plant in Detroit, Michigan. More »

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The function of the transmission in a vehicle is to transfer power from the vehicle's engine to the driveshaft and rear wheels. The speed and torque of the wheels changes in relation to the speed and torque of the engine... More »

Features of the 2001 Jeep Cherokee include vinyl seats, bucket seats for passengers in the front of the vehicle, a folding seatback in the rear and power steering. Additional features include a mast antenna, an AM/FM ste... More »

When the transmission fails on a car, the car becomes practically useless because the transmission is responsible for changing the gears on the car, which in turn provides the power to the wheels to move it forward. Tran... More »

A Continuously Variable Transmission, or CVT, is a type of transmission used on the Ford Freestyle crossover vehicle that uses a pair of cone-like pulleys rather than a traditional gearbox to transfer power from the engi... More »