The staple food in Japan is rice, and it is often served with meat, fish, cooked vegetables, soup or pickled vegetables. The term "gohan" was used to refer to steamed rice, but today it has been used to mean different ty... More » World View Social Sciences Cultures & Traditions

In Japan there are a few bed options: the tatami mat, the traditional futon, the western-style bed, and the hybrid. The bed a typical Japanese person purchases depends on space availability. More »

The Japanese tend to eat lunch in the form of rice, noodles, seafood and beef served in bowls or bento boxes. While food is served in bowls at home or in restaurants, school children and adults taking their lunch to work... More »

Japanese people eat many kinds of food, but popular choices are white rice, miso soup and pickled vegetables alongside fish or meat. Ramen noodles in a bento is characteristic of lunch. Some dishes in Japanese cuisine in... More »

Residents of Turkey eat a variety of rich, savory foods abundant in vegetables, rice and different types of bread. Meat is common but portions are smaller, and popular items include grilled and roasted meats like "kebaps... More »

The specific foods that rainforest tribes eat varies by location; however fruits, vegetables and meat or fish are some of the main types. Fruits are especially plentiful in the rainforest, including berries, citrus and a... More »

The Hopi Indians' staple food was corn, and there were more than 24 varieties grown in the region where they lived, including the most popular types, which were blue and yellow. They also ate beans, pumpkins, squash and ... More »