Japanese magnolias, also known as saucer magnolias, flower from late winter to early spring. To prune this plant, you need pruning shears and a pruning saw. More »

Different types of magnolia trees include the cucumber tree, Yulan, evergreen magnolia and the Japanese big-leaved magnolia. Magnolias are both deciduous and evergreen, with large, showy flowers that have both male and f... More » Science Biology Botany

Magnolia trees grow approximately one to two feet per year. The rate of growth depends on the species and the climate, with Magnolias in warm southern climates growing more quickly than those in the northern parts of the... More » Science Biology Botany
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The best time to plant raspberry canes is early spring or late winter for warmer climates. This is because they grow best in cooler weather, states The Old Farmer's Almanac. More »

Most roses begin to bloom in early spring, soon after the last winter frost. While some varieties only bloom once each year, many gardeners use techniques like pruning to encourage additional bloom growth several times o... More »

Witch hazel, cineraria and flowering quince are outdoor plants that flower in winter. Other winter-flowering plants include English daisy, snapdragon, Iceland poppy, leatherleaf mahonia and hellebore. More »

Plant blackberry bushes in the early spring, immediately after obtaining the plants. If for some reason you cannot plant them immediately, it is essential to keep the roots cool and moist by storing the bush in a refrige... More »