The Japanese language does not include letters as the Western written systems do. Derived from Chinese, Japanese is a primarily ideographic script, with two syllabic alphabets to supplement it. The two Japanese syllabic ... More » Education

Although Sekaimon is only available in Japanese, it is possible to translate the website through a third-party application. Sekaimon is the name of eBay's affliate partner in Japan. Google Translate, WorldLingo and Bing ... More »

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An anagram generator is an app or website that takes the letters in a word or phrase and rearranges them to form other words or phrases. Entering the word "tables" into an anagram generator returns "stable," "bleats," "a... More » Education

Free name tracing refers to online websites that offer printable name tracing, which is a method used to assist children in learning to write letters. Name traces are commonly on three-rule lined paper with words present... More » Education