Although Sekaimon is only available in Japanese, it is possible to translate the website through a third-party application. Sekaimon is the name of eBay's affliate partner in Japan. Google Translate, WorldLingo and Bing ... More »

Japanese is very difficult for English native speakers to learn. One reason that Japanese is so difficult to learn is that the kanji character system that the language uses is completely unrelated to the Western alphabet... More » Education

Some options to watch Japanese anime with English subtitles are Anime Haven and Watch Anime. Master Anime is another website that streams Japanese anime episodes with English subtitles or dub-over options. More » Art & Literature

EBay has a Canadian website that displays prices in Canadian currency. The website address is EBay also owns, a website that offers free local classified ads for communities across Canada. More » Technology Internet & Networking

eBay is an online auction website where people can buy or sell items. Buyers can search for items by keyword, or they can browse through many different categories. Sellers list items on the website, and then they have th... More » Technology Internet & Networking

The Herbalife website has an almost identical website that features the same format but with the language completely translated into Spanish. The Spanish version of the Herbalife website contains similar links to all its... More » Technology Internet & Networking

The eBay home page is the landing page of the eBay website. The home page has a pop-down menu allowing customers to navigate between sections, and features a search engine to allow customers to search for a specific item... More » Technology Internet & Networking