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James Patterson writes several types of novels, but he is most well-known for his crime thrillers that feature a Washington, D.C. Deputy-Chief/psychologist named Alex Cross. He also writes police procedural novels and children's books.


The complete list of James Patterson novels contains 137 books, as of 2015. James Patterson has written several series of books featuring recurring themes and characters, including Alex Cross, Women's Murder Club, Michael Bennett, NYPD Red, Maximum Ride, Daniel X and Co...


As of 2015, James Patterson's official website features a complete list of his novels. The list is categorized by the books published within each series.


Some books by James Patterson include "14th Deadly Sin," "Maximum Ride Forever," "Public School Superhero," "Miracle at Augusta" and "Confessions: The Murder of an Angel." These and other books by Patterson are listed on the James Patterson website.


The first three books by James Patterson are "The Thomas Berryman Number," "Season of the Machete" and "The Jericho Commandment." The next three books are "Virgin," "Black Market" and "The Midnight Club."


As of 2014, best-selling author James Patterson has written or co-written over 100 books. He is well-known for the popular "Alex Cross" series, as well as the "Women's Murder Club" series.


A chronological list of James Patterson books is found on the author’s website. The website also lists books within the series in which they belong in chronological order.