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Typical Jamaican fashion tends to involve a lot of global brands and modern styles, although an emphasis on tropical comfort favors lightweight, non-synthetic fabrics such as cotton, linen and wools. Many Jamaicans enjoy flamboyant and colorful Rastafari-inspired design...


Movies filmed in Jamaica include "The Harder They Come," "Third World Cop," "Rockers" and "One Love." Other movies that use Jamaica as its setting include "Cool Runnings," "Cocktail" and "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl."


The Jamaican dollar is called the Jamaican dollar and is often abbreviated as "J$" or "JMD" to differentiate it from other dollar currencies. The Jamaican dollar is the official currency of Jamaica. A Jamaican dollar is divided into 100 cents. Jamaica switched from Brit...


How Jamaicans dress depends widely on the activity; on a typical work day, they dress up in a professional manner. This includes white shirts and ties or even suits for men and skirts and jackets for women.


Jamaican coins are currency coins issued by the Bank of Jamaica. The coins are minted in seven different denominations, which include 1 cent, 10 cent, 25 cent, 1 dollar, 5 dollar, 10 dollar and 20 dollar coins.


The Jamaican Lion is the symbol of the Rastafarians, for whom the lion represents their Christ-figure, King Selassie I of Ethiopia. It is copied from the Ethiopian flag's conquering lion of Judah, symbol of Ethiopian royalty.


Several websites such as CVMTV, Television Jamaica, Streema and The Jamaican News Network offer live streams of Jamaican news. Many sites offer free streams, while others require a subscription.