JailbreakMe is an iPhone app that jailbreaks iOS 6, allowing users to customize options normally prohibited by a regular iPhone. Jailbreaking an iPhone is legal in the United States, though Apple strongly recommends agai... More » Technology Mobile

The first-generation Apple iPad cannot upgrade to iOS 6 because of its hardware limitations. The first-generation iPad is only compatible with up operating systems up to iOS 5, the final version of which was released on ... More » Technology Mobile

As of September 2015, Apple supports iOS 8, transitioning to iOS 9. If a device cannot run software newer than iOS 6, then it is possible to restore the device using an iTunes or iCloud backup or recovery mode, as instru... More » Technology Mobile
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As of 2015, using Cydia and JailbreakMe is legal for the iPhone and iTouch, according to Cult of Mac. However, after a congressional ruling, it is illegal to jailbreak your iPad in the United States if you bought it afte... More » Technology Mobile

Download iOS updates by using the Setting app on your mobile device or using iTunes on your computer. Create a backup of your device before updating its operating system. More » Technology Mobile

Users can upgrade the iOS 7 operating system on an iPhone using the Software Update option in the Settings Menu. Apple no longer supports iOS 7 as of 2015, so the only option officially supported for iOS 7 users is to up... More » Technology Mobile

To upgrade the iOS software on your iPhone, perform an update wirelessly through the Software Update option in the Settings section of the iPhone. Alternatively, connect your iPhone to a computer, and perform an update v... More » Technology Mobile