As of 2014, the quality of Jaguar cars has steadily increased since its introduction into the United States. Having increased reliability while maintaining high-performance standards, three Jaguar models (the F-Type, XF ... More » Vehicles Car Makes & Models

Jaguar cars are engineered in England. As of 2014, they are assembled in England and India. Jaguar is a brand manufactured by the English company Jaguar Land Rover, a subsidiary of Tata Motors, an Indian company. More » Vehicles Car Makes & Models

The Jaguar XJR 100, made in 2002, is a collector's item for car enthusiasts today. When the Jaguar XJR 100 was originally built, Jaguar only made 500 models to be sold around the world. More » Vehicles Car Makes & Models
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The introduction of brakes, addition of electronic indicators and the integration of air conditioning systems are all some of the ways that cars have evolved since the first invention. Advancements in automobile engineer... More » Vehicles Car Makes & Models

In the United States, a minicompact car is defined as one with a cargo volume index of less than 85 cubic feet. Subcompacts have dimensions of 85 to 99.9 cubic feet, compacts 100 to 109.9 cubic feet, midsize cars from 11... More » Vehicles Car Makes & Models

The most popular cars in the United States in 2014 were the Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Toyota Corolla and Nissan Altima, according to However, the most popular vehicles overall were pickup trucks, led by th... More » Vehicles Car Makes & Models

As of 2014, cars that are primarily made in the United States include the Ford F-150, Toyota Camry, Honda Odyssey, Toyota Sienna, Toyota Tundra, Toyota Avalon, Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, Honda Ridgeline, Honda Crosstou... More » Vehicles Car Makes & Models