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Jack Russell terrier puppies require copious amounts of attention, discipline and exercise. A Jack Russell terrier puppy tries to assert themselves as the alpha, or head, of a home, which cannot be allowed. As long as the owner remains in charge, a Jack Russell terrier puppy will become a devoted, l


The key to training any animal is patience and consistency. You must also be careful not to reward all behavior and only good behavior should be rewarded with a small treat or love. The Jack Russell is a very energetic but loyal breed. Making lots of time to play with your puppy will create a strong


Irish Jack Russells are small terriers with short, often white coats with brown markings. They take their name from breeder Rev. John Russell and were originally bred for hunting foxes.


Jack Russell puppies should be fed a commercial dry diet that includes meat, such as chicken or fish, as the primary ingredient. Avoid foods that list grains in the first five ingredients. Jack Russell puppies need around 800 to 900 calories per day until they turn 1 year old.


The Jack Russell terrier stands between 10 and 15 inches high at the shoulders and weighs between 14 and 18 pounds. The breed standard calls for a compact, balanced appearance.


A normal body temperature for a Jack Russell Terrier is 101 to 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit, or 38.3 to 39.2 degrees Celcius, according to guidelines from the American Kennel Club. The normal body temperature range is the same for all dogs regardless of size, as is true of normal human temperature.


Jack Russell Terriers are lauded for their long life spans. Jack Russell Terriers can live up to 15 years and longer under the right conditions, according to the Jack Russell Terrier Club of America.


People enjoy the appearance and temperament of rough-coated Jack Russell terriers. The breed is also popular because of its gentleness with children, skill as a watch dog and minimal grooming needs.


The ideal food for Jack Russell terriers is dry kibble containing large amounts of meat protein such as beef, chicken or fish. Jack Russell terrier puppies need to eat 800 to 900 calories per day, while adults require between 450 to 650 daily calories to remain healthy.


Miniature Jack Russell dogs grow to be smaller than 10 to 15 inches and less than 14 to 18 pounds. Miniature Jack Russell terriers are smaller than their full-sized counterparts.