The first of Lee Child's Jack Reacher novels is entitled "Killing Floor" and was published in 1997, though the eighth and sixteenth books in the series both serve as prequels and are set before "Killing Floor." More » Art & Literature Literature Fiction

Jack Reacher is a fictional character created by Lee Child, pen name of British author Jim Grant. Jack Reacher is the protagonist of a series of novels by the same name. Born on Oct. 29, 1960, in a Berlin military base, ... More »

There is a second "Jack Reacher" movie in the making, set to be released on October 21, 2016. Tom Cruise stars in the title role and, as of September 2015, Cobie Smulders is rumored to play opposite Cruise as the charact... More »

The Jack Reacher series of novels, written by British author Lee Child, focuses on the eponymous hero Jack Reacher, a former military officer turned drifter. In his wide-ranging travels around the United States, Reacher ... More » Art & Literature Literature Fiction

Books in the "Jack Reacher" series include "Killing Floor," "The Enemy" and "One Shot." Lee Child is the author of the series, and a full book list is available on the Books section of, as of June 2015. More »

Lee Child's website suggests reading the Jack Reacher novels in the order which Child published them, beginning with "Killing Floor." Another suggested route is beginning with "The Enemy" and "The Affair," which take pla... More »

The "Jack Reacher" books follow Jack Reacher, a former Army Major of the military police, as he travels across America taking on investigations that interest him. The first book, "Killing Floor," finds Reacher dodging ja... More » Art & Literature Literature Fiction