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J-channels are used around windows and doors, on inside corners and where the siding meets the soffit or roof at an angle. Simply slide the siding panel into the folded J-channel. Well-done installation of the J-channel gives the vinyl siding a professional look in corners, doors, windows and other edges of your home.


Install J-channel around the window. Photo 6: Notch the J-channel. Cut a section of new J-channel 2 in. longer than the width of the window. Mark out a notch 1 in. in from each end and deeply score the inner cutting line with a utility knife. Photo 7: Finish the notches with tin snips.


Mitering J Channel | Watertight A video about cutting vinyl j channel for mitered corners making them watertight. This is the first in a new playlist on remodeling/construction diy projects ...


Cut and install the bottom J-channel. Measure the width of the window. Add 2 inches to that number and cut a length of J-channel to this measurement. Score a 1-inch notch along the top side of the J channel on each of the ends. Use the tin snips to cut into the corner of the scored notch on a diagonal. Break off the resulting pieces.


J-channel is a piece designed to fit over siding and soffit pieces. It is a corner or end piece that resembles the letter J. It mounts the siding to the wall and helps hold the soffit in place. J-channel comes in 12-foot sections and is either 1/2 inch thick or 5/8 inches thick. It can install on ...


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The major difference is the installation of the J-channel. Determine the method you’ll use to install soffit at the fascia board (see figures 8 and 9). When installing J-channel at either the wall or the fascia board, nail the J-Channel every 12"-16". Turning a Corner If the soffit is to turn a corner, cut and install J-channel