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Hospitals use an intravenous sodium chloride solution to supply water and salt to the body to alleviate dehydration, according to Healthline. Saline drips are mostly water with small amounts of salt and sugar added to maintain the body's proper balance of electrolytes i...


A drip leg is a small capped pipe pointing in a downward direction. Drip legs are found primarily on gas line connections for hot water heaters or furnaces in houses. A major disadvantage of a drip leg is that the design could allow debris to collect and cause damage.


A drip edge is a horizontal building element designed to control the direction of dripping water to protect the underlying building components. It is the leading edge of a flashing, sill or overhang.


Dividend Reinvestment Plans, known as DRIPs, allow investors to reinvest any or all dividends earned to buy more shares of that stock. Companies that pay dividends offer the plans to individuals who currently own shares of their stock.


Colds, flu and allergies are common causes of post nasal drip, according to WebMD. Certain medications and foods also cause post nasal drip. Other potential causes include a deviated septum, pregnancy, hay fever and sinusitis, as stated by Healthline.


Drip trays can be used in cooking, automotive maintenance and repair and even in home breweries and bars. For example, small drip trays can be used to collect the juices from grilling meat so that they can later be used in a stock or sauce.


Treatment for nasal drip, sometimes called postnasal drip, depends on the cause of the condition; if it is caused by bacterial infection, antibiotics may be prescribed, notes WebMD. If nasal drip is cause by viral infections or sinusitis, decongestants and antihistamine...